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A powerful multi-purpose cleaner for removing mould, lichen and fungi

Multi Wash is special formulation using the safest and most powerful fungicides with other cleaning agents, to produce a biodegradable solution that will remove mould, fungus, lichen and general stains with ease from virtually any surface.


Where can Multi Wash be used?
Multi Wash can be used on sinks, in shower rooms, on swimming pools, walls, roofs and other outdoor surfaces, leaving a clean finish.

Key Features and Benefits of Multi Wash
Easy to use – no rinsing required
Concentrated – can be used heavily diluted or at high concentrations for difficult patches
Safe – completely non-flammable and safe to use even near open flame
Versatile – perfect for cleaning indoor and outdoor surfaces with ease
Green – Multi Wash is completely biodegradable, and can be washed into drains
No residue – Multi Wash is water based and completely water soluble




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