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Blue Jet Degreaser

A heavy duty degreaser that gives fantastic results.

Blue Jet Degreaser gives you the power of a heavy-duty degreaser which can be rinsed off with water. Blue Jet Degreaser’s water emulsifiable formula can be used on engines, wiring, plastics, paintwork, concrete and many more surfaces to remove even the most ground in grease and dirt. Simply spray on, agitate, jet or rinse off and area is left completely free of grease, even heavy soiling is quickly eliminated.


On contact Blue Jet Degreaser immediately starts breaking down grease using a unique formulation. Even the most ground in grease and grime can be removed by simply agitating the Blue Jet formula. Rinse or jet off Blue Jet Degreaser from the surface to reveal a spotlessly grease free surface.
Always ensure that precautionary measures found in the MSDS sheet for Blue Jet Degreaser are read and followed before use. Blue Jet Degreaser is available in sizes to suit any need:
1 litre bottle – Ideal for building maintenance and smaller cleaning departments
25 litre drums – For premises where constant degreasing takes place

Key features and benefits of Blue Jet Degreaser?

The power of solvent based degreasing in a unique water rinseable formulation.
Use on a range of areas including:
– Paintwork
– Metal
– Plastics
– Wiring or wiring insulation
Concrete and other building substrates
Ideal for automotive, industrial and engineering premises.
Blue Jet Degreaser is available in a range of sizes to suit any need.
How to get the best results?
Spray or wipe the product onto the contaminated area, leave for a few minutes, then agitate with a brush, abrasive pad or pressure washer, rinse and leave to dry.