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A versatile cleaning agent

Multi Clean is a unique proprietary blend of alkaline cleaning agents with anti-bacterial properties, formulated to be practically odourless and non-staining.


How does Multi Clean work?
It’s emulsifiers allow oils and greases to be removed without residue. It is water based, so it contains no hydrocarbons and produces neither fumes nor residue.

Where can Multi Clean be used?
You can use Multi Clean on most household surfaces. It’s strong enough to degrease workshop floors and is effective on brake dust, petrol, oil spills and removing wax from surfaces to be painted.

Key Features and Benefits of Multi Clean?
Easy to use – no rinsing required.
Highly concentrated so very economical.
Odourless – solvent free, so there are no fumes.
Safe – completely non-flammable and safe to use even near open flame.
Versatile – can be used with hard or soft water, and on nearly any hard surface.
Green – Multi Clean is completely biodegradable, and can be washed into drains.



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