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Quick and easy way to remove stains from natural and synthetic textiles.

Eliminator is a unique and powerful combination of wet and dry cleaning compounds and degreasers which remove spots and stains instantly. Use on carpets and curtains to eliminate even the toughest marks. Eliminator works on both natural and synthetic carpeting/fabrics making it the ideal product for public and industrial spaces such as hotels, shops and hospitals. Use Eliminator for the fast and effective removal of a wide range of stains such as those caused by greasy, oily food and fizzy drinks as well as body fluids such as blood, urine and vomit.

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How does Eliminator work?

The unique wet and dry cleaning compounds and degreasers immediately penetrate the carpet pile or fabric and start to remove the stain. Malodour counteractions remove any bad smells. Eliminator is 100% effective and residue free making it safe to use on all colour-fast fabrics and carpets. If unsure, do a spot test on an area out of sight first.

Key features and benefits of Eliminator
100% effective on spots and stains.
Unique formulation gives a deep clean.
Ideal for use on colour-fast carpeting and fabrics including: wool, nylon, synthetics, blends and shag piles.
Controls odour instantly.
Freshens and brightens.
Restores nap and texture.
Leaves no residue.
Use on grease, oil, mud, coffee, fizzy drinks, blood, urine and vomit.
Perfect for use in hospitals, hotels, shops, schools, colleges and restaurants.


1 review for Eliminator

  1. Anonymous

    I wasn’t convinced that this would work and I thought it may be just a gimmick that I’d been tricked into buying.

    However, once I used it I was amazed. It removed ink stains that had been there for days. It removed water stains in carpets caused by a leaking bathroom fitting which would have previously meant replacing the full carpet.

    This product is great.

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