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Effluent Spill Kit

An all in one kit that deals with all the clean up problems that are associated with spillages of effluents

The Effluent Spill Kit is an all in one weather proof bag containing a selection of absorbents, liquid disinfectant and sanitiser to deal with any unpleasant spillages involving effluent. To ensure safe disposal and clean up, the kit comes with gauntlets, goggles, mask and body suit as well as a disposal bag and clip.

Firstly the absorbent squares quickly clear up any liquid spillage. The disinfecting absorbent powder, Biozorb, completes absorption whilst disinfecting the solids for safe disposal. The liquid disinfectant and cleaner, Citronite, cleans and gets a “kill” on any nasties left in the spillage area.  Citronite also gives excellent odour control. After putting the used absorbents, cleaners and PPE into the bag, Sani-gel gives staff peace of mind by sanitising arms and hands.


Citronite is supplied as a 1 litre bottle and is also available for purchase as a stand alone product. Biozorb is supplied as a 45 gram bottle and is also available for purchase as a stand alone product. Sani-gel is supplied as a 300ml bottle and is also available for purchase as a stand alone product.
Always read instructions carefully before use.

Key features and benefits of the Effluent Spill Kit
Environmentally friendly, biodegradable formulations.
Leaves areas clean, disinfected and deodorised.
Easy to carry bag allows quick transportation to a spill area.
Suitable for use in all commercial and institutional premises such as schools, nursing homes, hospitals and hotels.
Weatherproof bag keeps contents clean and dry and helps with storage at remote sites
Peace of mind for staff called out to deal with unpleasant problems.
Easy to replace the entire kit or just the used items.






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