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Cobra Gold H.S. (Available in a range of sizes)

Cobra Gold drills are manufactured from Cobalt High Speed Tool steel which gives harder, longer lasting performance, especially with “difficult” metals.

Available in a range of sizes.

The special 135° low profile split point ensures that the Cobra Gold drill bites instantly, even into stainless steel sheet. The special composition of the Cobra Gold drill means the heat absorption and transfer are reduced to a minimum, making it easier and safer to handle in use and reducing the problem of softening after extensive drilling.


With the wide variety and hardness of metals in use in industry today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a drill bit that will instantly and accurately penetrate metal surfaces without centre punching and which will really stand up to the rigours of everyday use.

How does Cobra Gold H.S. work?
COBRA GOLD DRILLS give excellent performance in stainless steel, cast iron, meonite castings, alloys, steels and most non-ferrous metals, even in plastic. COBRA GOLD DRILLS are exceptional when used for the removal of broken screws, bolts, or studs, especially in aluminium cases. COBRA GOLD DRILLS are particularly effective in drilling out tensile bolts and socket head cap screws and the removal of spot welds.

Key Features and Benefits of Cobra Gold H.S.
Manufactured from Cobalt High
Speed Tool Steel
Remains sharp
No centre punching
High Performance with difficult metals
Low heat transfer
Wear resistant· 4 to 5 times the life of a normal drill
Resistant to breakage


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