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A multi-purpose stripping agent Durabrade is a major advance in refurbishment.

Durabrade is easy to use and cleans without leaving contaminants. Effective on all rigid materials. Abrasive is dispersed throughout the strip, not just on the surface. Removes varnish and epoxy paints. Durabrade will not “load up” and clog. Simply knock out or wash clean.


Where to use Durabrade?

DURABRADE is ideal for removing rust, scale, light weld splatter and all types of paints from metal surfaces.

It can be used to remove imperfections in hydraulic rams, cylinders, valves, shafts. Durabrade gives a bright finish on all types of metal. Durabrade will remove all types of contaminants and when used correctly, leaves even the most delicate surface undamaged. Durabrade can be used to prepare materials as diverse as timber, fibreglass, aluminium, ceramics, and stainless steel for further treatment or coating.

Key Features and Benefits of Durabrade?

Will not “load up” and clog.
Use wet or dry.
Easy to use.
Strong and flexible.
Leaves a smooth finish.
10 metres per roll.
Easy to clean.
Available in a variety of grades, DURABRADE 60,180 and 400 grit
High abrasive silicone carbide.
Long-lasting – use both sides.



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