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Extreme Bond

EXTREME BOND is a 2-part toughened structural acrylic for the bonding of wood, glass, metal, plastic and composites.

What is a toughened acrylic?
EXTREME BOND is a 2nd generation acrylic adhesive, designed to combine high-shear strength & excellent temperature resistance with additional qualities of a rubber toughened adhesive.

When to use EXTREME BOND
When maximum strength is required. With metal fabrications requiring shock resistance or flexibility. When bonding dissimilar materials with different coefficients of expansion. Where a short jig time is required.



Key Features and Benefits of EXTREME BOND?
Adhesion to a wide range of substrates.
Fast cure at room temperature.
Can be used with or without nozzle.
High shear and peel strength
Good impact strength.
Good chemical resistance.

Directions for use
1) Surfaces must be clean, dry and grease-free. If using a cleaning solvent, allow 3-4 minutes to fully evaporate before applying adhesive. N.B. Some metals such as aluminium, copper and its alloys will benefit from light abrasion with emery cloth (or similar) to remove any oxide layer.
2) Apply a thin bead of adhesive pre-mixed through a static mixer nozzle. If no mixing nozzle is being used, make sure one component is extruded on top of the other (not side by side).
3)Alternatively apply a thin layer of resin on one component and hardener on the other.
4) Assemble components and clamp.
5) Maintain pressure until handling strength is achieved. The time required will vary according to the joint design and surfaces being bonded.
6) Allow 24 hours for adhesive to fully cure. Accelerated cure times may be achieved by heating.





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