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Great White Wipes

A super strong and absorbent dry wipe made from 70% wood pulp and 30% Polypropylene fibres that is fully recyclable.

Great White Wipes are made from a blend of woodpulp and polypropylene fibres which creates a tough, durable and tear-resistant material capable of tackling the most challenging tasks.
The wipe will absorb four times its own mass and has a textured relief giving greater cleaning power. With excellent tensile strength, Great White Wipes can be used both wet and dry and will not fall apart when in use. Solvent and chemical resistant which means that Great White Wipes can be used across a wide range of applications getting jobs done quickly and efficiently. Great White Wipes can even be rinsed and reused again and again.
Great White Wipes are low linting making them an excellent choice for cleaning glass and mirrors The uniform size, consistent quality and performance are guaranteed, ensuring that optimum performance is delivered every time Great White Wipes are used. Great White Wipes easily removes oil, grease and any other solvents and are ideal for cleaning tools and machinery as well as spills and drips


Key features and benefits of Great White Wipes?
Super Strong
Tear Resistant
Blend of fully recyclable materials
Withstands solvents and chemicals
Highly absorbent
Textured for greater cleaning power
Use either wet or dry
Can be rinsed and reused again and again
Ensures equipment remains clean and effective
Ideal for surface cleaning
Ensures quick, efficient and economic cleaning
400 wipes per roll
Will not break apart in use
Low linting making it ideal for cleaning glass and sensitive areas
Consistant quality
How to get the best results?
Great White Wipes can be used on the top of work benches, desks and tables by simply removing the central core and taking the wipes from the middle of the roll. The durable wrapping will keep the roll in shape whilst making Great White easily portable. Or Great White Wipes can be used with a free standing paper dispenser and rolled off when required, ideal for a workshop or studio where useful positioning is required.




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