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Re-Odouriser (In a range of fragrances)

A fast working re-odouriser that comes in a range of natural fragrances.

Fragrances available:
Sea Grass & Lotus Flower
St Clements
Pomegranate & Green Tea

ReOdouriser is a hard working and safe odour suppressor for use in the most extreme odour situations. It is a safe yet efficient mixture of essential oils and food grade ingredients, containing no hazardous chlorobenzenes normally associated with most odour control liquids.


How does ReOdouriser work?
Modern day chemical technology has created sensory blockers which stop unpleasant malodours registering. ReOdouriser uses this technology whilst adding lovely natural fragrances.
The care taken with the chemical make up of Reodouriser adds peace of mind to people using it on a daily basis as it is one of the safest solutions on the market today. ReOdouriser is ideal for instant relief for temporary odour problems as well as being powerful enough to deal with continuous issues like waste compactors.

MSDS Sea Grass & Lotus Flower

MSDS St Clements

MSDS Rhubarb

MSDS Pomegranate & Green Tea


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