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Airmist (in a range of fragrances, 1 litre refills available)

A fast working air freshener in a revolutionary environmentally friendly spray container.

Available in the following flairsols:
Sea Grass & Lotus Flower
Pomegranate & Green Tea
St Clements

All available as a 1 litre refill

Air Mist is a hard working and safe odour suppressor that can deal with the most extreme odour situations. The safe yet efficient mixture of essential oils and food grade ingredients dispensed as a fine mist which remains airborne whilst combating smells. Air Mist comes in a choice of scents.


How does Air Mist work?
Firstly clever sensory blockers help the brain ignore unpleasant malodours whilst replacing them with the finest of natures fragrances.
Air Mist is ideal as an instant relief for bad smells remaining in the air to freshen areas for longer periods.
Air Mist will also give relief to fabrics and carpets.

MSDS: Airmist Rhubarb

MSDS: Airmist Sea Grass & Lotus Flower

MSDS: Pomegranate & Green Tea

MSDS: St Clements



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