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Bac Away

Fast-acting, bio-based, food-safe sanitiser. Bacteria banished in just 30 seconds!

Bac Away is a bio-based, food-safe sanitiser that combines excellent cleaning and sanitising properties, with the ability to kill bacteria quickly. Bac Away is perfect for use in food preparation areas where high levels of hygiene are paramount. Bac Away does not contain carcinogens, toxic or harmful chemicals, meaning it is safe to be used without the need of any PPE and is harmless when contact is made with the skin.


Why Bac Away?
Bac Away’s main ingredient is derived from the fermentation of sugar, making it biodegradable and giving it an excellent environmental footprint. This main ingredient also has a General Recognised As Safe (GRAS) status. The Biocides Products Directive (BPD) dictates that any sanitised surface in food preparation areas must leave virtually no residual biocide material. These biocides are commonly referred to as QAC’s or quaternary ammonium compounds. In high doses, these QAC’s can be toxic by all routes of exposure. Bac Away complies fully with the BPD and is tested to BS EN 1276 by a UKAS accredited laboratory.

Key features
Quick and safe to use
QAC free – no biocides
Suitable for use on food preparation areas – quickly and safely cleans and sanitises almost any surface
Independently tested to kill bacteria within 30 seconds
Works at low temperatures e.g. chilled rooms
Proven to kill MRSA and E-coli
Cleans greasy / oily deposits
Safe on skin
Laboratory tested to BS EN 1276


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