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Virakill Pressure Pump Spray

Removes the need for expensive fogging machines whilst still ensuring full sanitisation.

Virakill Pressure Pump Spray is an easy and convenient way to ensure that areas are sanitised effectively and quickly, without the need for purchases expensive electronic fogging machines.

Simply fill the pump spray with Virakill solution and spray areas to be sanitised.


Key features and benefits of Virakill Pressure Pump Spray

Negates the need for expensive fogging machines – large and small areas alike can be sanitised efficiently, effectively and inexpensively.
Convenient to use – simply use one product in one container – no need to transfer the same product between fogging machines and trigger sprays.
Virakill Pressure Pump Spray is silent in use and non-intrusive during operation.
Perfect reach for inaccessible areas.
The mist is easily controlled for quick wetting and maximum coverage – essential for ensuring areas are sanitised quickly and effectively.
Easy to fill with Virakill 5 litre.
Can be used for many purposes, including cleaning fabric and curtains.
Zero maintenance – just fill and spray!


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