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Refillable Foaming Dispenser

The Handiworks Refillable foaming dispenser is perfect for any workplace – warehouse, office, gym, shop, hospital, and supermarket – to ensure that safety hygiene measures are adhered to and that anyone can have access to sanitising points when needed.

Perfect for dispensing Virakill and Sani Gel onto hands – the refillable foaming dispenser will dispense the exact amount of sanitiser needed, via a push leaver. Once dispensed, the dispenser will not drip, therefore reducing waste and the possibility of slip hazards. Just one purchase of a Virakill or Sani Gel 5 litre tank fills the refillable dispenser 5 times, with each 1 litre fill lasting up to 1250 pumps.


Key features and benefits of Refillable Foaming Dispenser
Made from high quality plastic – Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) – long lasting and hard wearing.
Stylish design.
Refillable tank with a 1 litre capacity.
Encourages hand hygiene.
Dispenses 0.8ml of foam per pump – perfect amount for sanitising one pair of hands.
Dispenses up to 1250 pumps.
Clean tip pump – when dispensed, the pump won’t drip and therefore reduces waste and slip hazards.
Manufactured in the UK.

Dimensions: 11.9cm wide x 30.5cm tall
Suitability: Manual, refillable, foaming dispenser
Capacity: 1 litre capacity
Other information: Virakill and Sani Gel solution is purchased separately. Screws for mounting are included in pack.


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