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Grease Klenz

A powerful degreaser – perfect for a superior clean!

Available sizes:
500ml concentrate trigger spray bottles
5 litre concentrate tanks

Clean without the damage! Grease Klenz is a powerful, heavy duty cleaner and degreaser that removes food, grease, oil and fats from worktops, grills, hobs, ovens, splashbacks, walls and floors for a superior clean. It uses a unique surfactant solution that replaces the need for aggressive chemicals or solvents, such as sodium hydroxide, which is found in most other kitchen degreasers. Grease Klenz promises a rapid clean that is suitable for all non porous surfaces.


How does Grease Klenz work?
When used with a non-absorbent cloth, Grease Klenz is able to penetrate food, grease, oil and fats and allow them to be lifted from the surface, without the need for scrubbing and aggressive chemicals.

Key Features and Benefits
No harsh chemicals – Unlike other degreasers and oven cleaners, Grease Klenz is water based and does not contain caustic chemicals.
Solvent free – Traditional degreasers contains solvents. Solvents dissolve grease but when diluted with water, the water reduces the power of the solvent to hold the grease and so the grease drops out into sinks and drains. This can lead to drains getting blocked. Grease Klenz is a solvent free solution that foams on the surface that you are spraying onto.
Versatile – Can be used on floors, walls, dirty dishes, pans, plates, worktops, grills, hobs, ovens, splashbacks and even machinery in factories. Suitable for any area where there may be a build-up of grease/dried deposits to stick to.
Clean without the damage – When used with a non-absorbent cloth, Grease Klenz easily lifts grease and burnt on residue without the need to scrub. Typically abrasive sponges are used to remove residue, which scratches surfaces and causes a larger surface area for grease and dried deposits to stick to.
Saves time – No time wasted trying to scrub and lift burnt on residue, simply use with the non-absorbent cloth to lift and clean.
Economical – Very little of Grease Klenz is needed to remove grease from a surface.
Can be used in the Defenceworks Pressure Pump Spray to cover and clean large areas.
Smear free – Grease Klenz doesn’t leave smears and so the areas that have been cleaned look and feel pristine.



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