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Pro Seal

High quality, food grade sealant

Pro Seal is a high quality, food grade sealant suited for fungicidal joint seals, particularly where food is handled and stored. Not only can it be used in food handling areas, but it can also be used in other sanitary spaces, such as sinks, shower trays, bathtubs, tiles, toilets, worktops etc. Perfect for joints between concrete, stone, masonry, plastic, PC, PVC, PMMA, metal, stainless steel, wood, floor, ceiling, roof and interior and exterior wall structures.


How does Pro Seal work?
Pro Seal is based on silicone technology and will react with moisture in the air to cure into a durable rubber.

Key Features and Benefits of Pro Seal
Durable and easy to use – Pro Seal retains elasticity.
Certified for use in foodstuff areas.
Excellent workability – smooth application with a slow skin formation.
Superb adhesion without primer on most porous and non-porous surfaces.
Odour free, acid free, non-shrink curing sealant.
Non-corrosive to metals.
Fungicidal in accordance with ISO 846.


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