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Sass & Zest

Part of the IMG Virus defence range

Sass & Zest is a fantastic lime hand cleaner that contains perlite beads to help loosen and remove stubborn contaminants from hands, Perlite is a natural mineral that will dissolve. It comes in a handy 2-litre tub with a pourable spout; this enables you to refill any existing hand cleaner dispensers that you may have. We also supply a pelican pump dispenser that can be attached to the container. The tub is robust with a wide base for stability and is portable.


How does Sass & Zest Work?
Harnessing the cleaning power of naturally derived citrus oils Sass & Zest will remove oil, grease, ink and many more undesirables. Sass & Zest also contains a mild anti-septic and lanolin to moisturise the skin and help replace the natural oils lost during handwashing.

Key benefits and features
Fantastic lime fragrance and colour.
Natural grit to help loosen the dirt.
Contains lanolin and mild antiseptic to replace lost oils.
Portable and robust container.
Multi use options pourable/pelican pump dispenser.
No need to replace costly wall dispensers.