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Seal A Pot

Quick and easy to use, bitumen pothole sealant spray

Seal A Pot is a rapid bitumen solution in an aerosol that can be quickly and easily sprayed into potholes before the addition of a repair compound such as Roadsaver or another asphalt compound. Seal A Pot requires no heating, brushing or trowelling – just aim and spray!


How does Seal A Pot work?
Potholes are notorious for re-opening during the winter months due to the freeze-thaw cycle. Seal A Pot has been designed to help prolong a pot hole repair by preventing the ingress of water and slowing the freeze-thaw cycle – keeping pathways and roadways pot hole free. Seal A Pot is applied to the vertical edges and base of a pothole before application of asphalt. Seal A Pot increases the bond of the material to the substrate and waterproofs the area.

Key Features and Benefits of Seal A Pot
Easy and convenient to use – no heating, brushing or trowelling is needed.
Handy 500ml aerosol – suitable for carrying to any area where potholes need repairing.
No mixing or pouring of hot tar required – safe and speedy to use.
Can produce a thick and instantly waterproof seal – prevents the ingress of water and slows freeze-thaw effect.
Prolongs repair life.
Helps prevent pot holes from reopening – bonds strongly to Roadsaver or other asphalt compound.


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