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A revolution in safety floor coatings – Heavy duty but with a stunning gloss finish

Tero-Firma is an easy to use non-slip floor coating system that comes in a range of colours. Tero-Firma cures to a decorative gloss finish which is safe and slip deterrent. Slippery surfaces can be extremely hazardous to the public and costly for business owners. Tero-Firma solves this problem with its advanced cross linking formulation. Once cured Tero-Firma will give a beautiful, durable gloss finish which is easy to clean. Tero-Firma is ideal for use in schools, hospitals, factories, leisure centres and many more.


How does Tero-Firma work?

Tero-Firma comes as a convenient two-pack epoxy formulation. Its advanced chemically crosslinking cure will give a 400 micron coating thickness, equivalent to four coats in one. 100% solids mean that Tero-Firma won’t shrink and gives fantastic adhesion to all floor surfaces including concrete, timber and steel.

Key Features and Benefits of Tero-Firma?
Easy to use two-pack epoxy.
Solvent free.
Won’t shrink.
Use Tero-Firma on a range of floor surfaces including concrete, timber and steel.
Available in a range of colours.
Highly durable.
Cost effective – due to its unique formulation one coat is equivalent to 4.
Hygienic, odourless and easy to clean.
Resistant to a wide range of chemicals.
Use on large or small areas.


Part A Base


Part B Hardener



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