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Treadsafe Express (available in a range of colours)

Treadsafe Express is a major advance in slip deterrent safety coating for interior application.

Available colours:

A two pack, rapid curing, solvent-free epoxy based floor coating available in high visibility colours. For interior use.

Stairways, platforms and ramps, inside and out, become very hazardous when wet or greasy. Floor areas which are slippery due to water, chemicals and dirt can be a hazard to personnel and vehicles alike.

Under Health & Safety regulations, all employers have a duty to ensure that slips and trips are prevented. Treadsafe Express protects against just that.


How does Treadsafe Express work?

Treadsafe Express can be used on a wide variety of materials including wood, steel, brick, concrete, asphalt and aluminium. It can be used in factories, offices, hospitals, colleges, leisure centres, chemical plants, mines, quarries, airports, shopping centres, retail parks and in bus, tram and railway premises to provide safety treads and edges on platforms, ramps, stairs, walkways and loading bays. Treadsafe Express can also be used as a rapid curing, wear resistant line marking and general purpose coating.

Key Features and Benefits of Treadsafe Express?
Treadsafe Express has been specifically formulated to cure rapidly with a high level of slip deterrence.
Rapid cure- foot traffic use in 4hours
Will adhere to practically any surface.
High visibility finish with coloured aggregate – safe edge marking.
No shrinkage.
Durable and hard wearing.
Adhesion to a wide range of surfaces.
Resistance to oil, petrol, detergent and dilute acids and alkali.


Part A – Base

Part B – Hardener



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