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Virakill Wipes

A unique, multi-purpose sanitising wipe for disinfecting any surface – Eradicates all Coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes Covid-19) and other enveloped viruses.

Virakill wipes contain a unique sanitising solution, impregnated in a handy wipe, that kills harmful bacteria within 30 seconds of application and continues to repel bacteria and viruses for up to 8 days after.


How do I use Virakill Wipes?
Virakill wipes have been designed to remove the need for cloths. Virakill wipes are made from thick, durable material and are impregnated with Virakill solution to ensure cleaning and sanitising is quick and easy.
To clean: simply remove a Virakill wipe from the packet and wipe across the surface to be cleaned. For particularly soiled areas, repeat if necessary. Throw soiled wipes away after use.
To sanitise: remove a Virakill wipe from the packet and wipe across the surface, ensuring that the whole surface is completely covered by Virakill solution. Leave Virakill to dry on the surface completely for at least 2 minutes to ensure complete sanitisation. Throw wipe away after use. To protect: sanitise the surface as per above. Re-sanitise as necessary to ensure protection is kept to 99.99% and lasts for up to 8 days.

How do Virakill Wipes work?
Virakill solution forms an antimicrobial coating on a surface. It contains polymers that repel microorganisms, germs, bacteria and viruses etc. that want to land and colonise on surfaces. This coating gives lasting protection, continuing to protect against bacteria and viruses for up to 8 days. If it is a surface that you use a lot, or it is a heavily soiled area, the we would always recommend cleaning the surface again before you use it.


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