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How Elvis, the adorable floor cleaning robot at Liverpool John Lennon Airport, helps reassure visitors

Introducing the little robot that raises awareness of an enhanced cleaning regime with Virakill.

5 million+ passengers (Pre-Covid) pass through Liverpool John Lennon Airport every year. During the COVID-19 pandemic it has become not only essential that all areas of the building are kept safe and hygienic, but also that visitors and staff can feel reassured that an enhanced cleaning regime is in place using the most effective products on the market.

As Elvis passes through the airport keeping the floors sparkling clean, the robot also lets visitors know that the premises are regularly sanitised using IMG’s Virakill.

Elvis, named after John Lennon’s pet cat, is already a big hit with visitors and team members!
Virakill, our non-alcoholic sanitiser, is used throughout Liverpool John Lennon Airport to keep visitor and staff areas, including Air Traffic Control, sanitised and safe.

Virakill was selected for enhanced cleaning after rigorous independent testing against several other products.

Have you seen Elvis on your travels? #Elvisisinthebuilding

Find out more about the testing Liverpool John Lennon Airport put Virakill through
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