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IMG products are helping Liverpool John Lennon Airport keep visitors and staff safe

IMG’s Virakill chosen for enhanced cleaning after rigorous independent testing.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic the team at IMG were approached by Liverpool John Lennon Airport who were seeking a sanitisation product for their enhanced cleaning regime.

They needed a product that was more effective than the competition and priced fairly when other companies were heavily inflating the cost of sanitisation products.

Viralkill, IMG’s non-alcoholic sanitiser, was chosen to take part in a four-week trial at the airport. Tests took place on highly trafficked surfaces such as handles, lift buttons, bathroom fittings, security trays, escalator rails and vending machines.

The IMG team got to work supporting Liverpool John Lennon Airport with their requests for data, product information and usage guidance and did everything they could to support this important, independent testing.
At the end of the rigorous testing process Virakill was chosen for the enhanced cleaning regime as required for a COVID-secure airport environment.

Debbie Lacey-May, Head of Security & Terminal Operations at Liverpool John Lennon Airport commented:

“Some of the benefits that we have found using Virakill is the effectiveness of sanitising surfaces and the lack of residue/ strong smells/ staining after fogging.” She also added “We have now been using Virakill exclusively for our sanitisation requirement for almost a year. We continue to test the market to ensure we have the most effective products on the market and continue to use Virakill across all of our passenger areas and touchpoints as well as our colleague areas such as our Fire Station, Air Traffic Control, Airfield operations, Airport coaches, Control rooms and offices.”

See the full testimonial from Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Louise Ashby, Team Leader at IMG adds:

“We were very happy to support Liverpool John Lennon Airport with their independent testing of Virakill during this challenging period and are proud that it is used throughout the airport and additional support areas to keep staff and visitors safe and reassured.”

About Virakill

Virakill is a unique sanitising spray that kills harmful bacteria within 30 seconds of application and continues to work up to 8 days after.

Key features

  • Eradicates all Coronaviruses, including SARS-Cov-2 (the virus that causes Covid-19).
  • Kills E.coli, MRSA and Salmonella.
  • Works in 30 seconds and continues to work up to 8 days after use, providing lasting protection.
  • Environmentally friendly – water based and biodegradable.
  • Safe on skin and for use around children – contains no harsh chemicals. (Virakill is safe on skin but ensure all cleaning products are kept in a safe place, away from children)
  • Tested to kill 99.9% of germs under European standards EN1276 and EN14476.
  • Suitable for cleaning and sanitising all hard surfaces, full product details here
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