Keep your workplace safe from dangerous viruses

If you manage or maintain offices, public spaces, commercial premises or any place where groups of people interact together then you will know that bacteria can spread like wildfire.

The spread of bacteria can result in unpleasant common colds and bugs, but it can also be far more serious if the virus that spreads is dangerous to vulnerable groups such as those with pre-existing medical conditions, pregnant women or elderly.
In the event of serious outbreaks, such as the recently reported coronavirus in China, it is even more important to take steps to keep your workplaces safe.

Our tips for beating the bugs:

Ensure that everyone is encouraged to wash hands regularly (especially after using the toilet) and ideally with sanitising handwash. Try Sani Gel

Keep any food preparation areas clean at all times with a bacteria-killing sanitiser spray or liquid cleaner. Any products used in food prep areas must be certified as suitable for this usage. Try Bac Away

Disinfectant wipes can be invaluable to workplaces and also for those who are out and about. They can be used on the go in vehicles and are ideal for areas with no sinks. Try BioKill

Some areas are magnets for germs and bugs – door handles, keyboards, touch screens, taps, phones. Keep these areas as clean as possible and encourage team members to do the same.

Now is the right time to make sure you are prepared.

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