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Clear Vision

Anti-misting, double strength screen wash and de-icer.

A highly concentrated, technically advanced screen wash, that de-ices, cleans and de-mists.
Clear Vision is an indispensable multi-purpose screen wash that cleans, has de-icing properties and can also prevent dangerous screen misting on internal windows.

Clear Vision comes in a convenient flip top bottle which means no spillage when filling your screen wash bottle. However you can decant into a spray bottle for ease of use when using as a cleaner for headlamps, bumpers and internal windows and mirrors etc . Clear Vision is effective for use throughout the year for eliminating varied contaminants such as grime, traffic film or squashed insects.


Clear Vision’s unique formula uses AMP which stands for Anti Mist Protection. AMP is a unique film, which when allowed to dry provides protection from dangerous misting.

This is especially useful for internal vehicle windows and mirrors, providing a safe, unobstructed view for drivers and passengers. Simply wipe the inside of the car screen with a cloth containing Clear Vision and allow to dry, to achieve clear screens every morning for weeks.

Key features and benefits of Clear Vision?
Multi-purpose product: cleans windows, de-ices and prevents misting.
Use Clear Vision on windows (internal and external) headlamps, signage and number plates.
Safe to use on paintwork, bumpers and alloys.
Removes insects and tough grime caused by exhaust fumes.
Works in extreme temperatures (down to -30°C).
Apply neat, spray on to surfaces or dilute as required.
Comes in a convenient flip top container.