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Pocket Sunshine Industrial

A fast acting granule, rapidly melting ice & snow in extreme temperatures.

Pocket Sunshine Industrial is a hard-working, thermal granule which instantly gets to work melting snow and ice.

When cold weather hits it can bring with it a range of hazardous and highly inconvenient obstructions.

Icy car parks, driveways and workplaces are all health and safety considerations which can cause hold-ups and loss of productivity.

Pocket Sunshine Industrial can be used on any surface and works in even the most extreme temperatures to provide a hazard free environment.


The thermal de-icing granules in Pocket Sunshine Industrial work in even the most extreme temperatures (use in temperatures as low as -20°C) and the unique formulation can be used on surfaces that would otherwise be corroded by the use of salt such as substrates, carpets and other floorings.

Rapid melting action on snow and ice and Pocket Sunshine Industrial also prevents refreezing.

Lasts longer than traditional salt.

Use in temperatures as low as -20°C.

Removal of snow and ice minimises delays and loss of productivity.

Use anywhere including: Tarmacadam, timber, tiles, asphalt, and bricks.

Easy to spread.

Use on any surface including those unsuitable for de-icing with salt such as carpets and flooring.

Comes in convenient, easy to transport containers.

Long shelf life.

Directions for use

Scatter the granules over areas prone to become dangerous immediately when snow and poor weather is forecast. Or if conditions are already iced over, spread liberally in the areas requiring clearance.
Re-apply every time there’s a snow fall or build up of ice to ensure the safest of conditions. If the snow is deeper than 2 inches, clear away the top layer with a shovel before application.