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Pocket Sunshine Environmental

Biodegradable, de-icing granule that rapidly melts dangerous ice and snow.

Pocket Sunshine Environmental is a non-toxic, biodegradable granule which instantly gets to work melting snow and ice.

The pink de-icing granules in Pocket Sunshine Environmental use a thermal reaction to rapidly remove ice and snow. It is ideal for areas where corrosive salt-based products cannot be used, near to carpets and delicate flooring materials.
As Pocket Sunshine Environmental is also non-toxic and biodegradable it is an indispensable product for schools, business premises, hospitals and other public areas. Use Pocket Sunshine Environmental on temperatures as low as -10°C.


Key features and benefits of Pocket Sunshine Environmental?
Use Pocket Sunshine Environmental on temperatures as low as -10°C
Biodegradable and non-harmful to the environment.
Non-toxic formulation makes Pocket Sunshine
Environmental ideal for public places such as schools.
Rapid melting action on snow and ice.
Prevents refreezing.
Lasts longer than traditional salt.
Easy to spread.
Use on any surface including those unsuitable for de-icing with salt.
Areas where the residue will be carried through and trodden into carpets and delicate flooring
Comes in convenient, easy to transport containers.
Long shelf life.