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Power Jet De-icer

Industrial strength de-icer for hard to reach areas.

An industrial strength, water free formulation, powerful de-icer spray for de-icing windscreens and locks at temperatures down to -15°C.
Power Jet De-Icer is a revolutionary super powered de-icing spray which can extend to heights not achieved by regular de-icers. So windscreens on vans, HGV’s and coaches are no longer out of reach. It’s water free industrial strength formulation means that you don’t get the dreaded “re-freeze” after spraying.


Power Jet De-Icer has a highly effective, powerful delivery system which can dispense industrial strength de-icer to surfaces which are hard to reach such as HGV, bus and coach windscreens as well as forcing frozen locks back into use. Unlike conventional de-icers, Power Jet De-Icer has the power to remove hazardous and inconvenient ice from areas such as windscreens even at extreme temperatures (use Power Jet De-Icer at temperatures as low as -15°C)

Innovative powerful delivery system ensures effective de-icing.
Use even at extreme temperatures (-15°C).
Water-free formulation.
Ideal for use on coaches, buses, HGV’s.
Fantastic for de-icing locks