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Titan Seal

Titan Seal is one of the most effective pipe repair systems on the market today.

Available sizes:
2 ins x 5ft, 3ins x 9ft, 4ins x 15ft

A burst, leaking or broken pipe is one of the biggest problems in industry today. Normally it leads to draining down the system in order to effect a repair, which can be costly or time consuming. That’s where Titan Seal comes in.



What is Titan Seal?
Quite simply, Titan Seal is one of the most effective pipe repair systems on the market today. It comprises of Uniwrap (An elastomer strip with velcro attachment which will grip onto any surface even under pressure), Steel Stick and Cayman Rapid with its proven strength and durability. There is no longer any need to turn the system off.

How does Titan Seal work?
Titan Seal will bond to anything; metal, plastic, clay, cast iron, rubber, lead, concrete. You do not have to have a dry surface or reduce pressure in the pipe. It will mend joints, T-pieces, elbows – even pipes of dissimilar sizes! Titan Seal is the ultimate maintenance repair tool. It can be used in the workshop or on site.

Key Features and Benefits of Titan Seal?
Performs in the wet.
No need to turn off the pressure.
Will seal on all substrates.
Wide temperature range.
Resistant to a wide range of chemicals including acids and alkalis.
Very easy to use.
Works in difficult situations like elbows or joints.
Can even be used under water.
Stops the leak immediately.
Extremely cost effective- no down time.


Titan Seal – Steel Stick CLP MSDS

Titan Seal – Cayman Rapid CLP MSDS


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