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Blocked Toilets? Dealing with blocked or slow-running toilets

Let’s face it blocked toilets are one of the most unpleasant problems you can be faced with.

If you are responsible for an office space, commercial premises or any large building – including hospitals, hotels, leisure centres, shopping centres and more – then you will know that blocked or slow running toilets are an ever-present threat.

It is amazing what some people will flush down a convenient toilet!
Grease, hair, soaps, cigarettes, tea bags, coffee grounds, sanitary towels, ‘disposable’ babies nappies, large amounts of toilet paper, baby wipes, hand wipes the list goes on…

So many items end up in the toilet that have no business being there regardless of signs and other provisions you may have made for the disposal of waste.

If the toilet system becomes blocked, swift effective action is essential! But what actions should you take?

What not to do…

Do not follow some of the dubious ‘DIY’ advice you find online. Much of the advice can damage your toilet or drain system and is likely to be a really unpleasant job.

Calling a drain rodding or jetting service is likely to be expensive, time consuming, intrusive and ideally avoided.


DIAMOND BLACK, from IMG’s Clearly Drainworks range will have your toilets clear and useable in no time.
It is an extremely powerful acid based drain opener that rapidly clears the above blockages.

You can find more information on Diamond Black here

Follow up with one of our advanced formulation reodourisers to replace the unpleasant smells with a lovely natural fragrance.

Our friendly team at IMG are always here to help answer your questions and advise you on the most effective product for your needs.
We have a huge range of advanced and highly effective industrial maintenance products.

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